June 5, 2014

Housepaint selection process CONTINUES

We've stumbled upon a (nearly) winning paint combination! It looks good in the shade, the sun, the in-between. It's warm enough, and looks generally sharp - we're pretty excited about it! Here's the breakdown:

Benjamin Moore (from Ace)
Wall color: Willow Creek
Trim: Light Pewter
Skirting: Wrought Iron*

*Why an asterisk, you ask? We had our painter over to chime in on the colors and how he thought they would cover. He liked the wall and trim color, but brought up a very good point about the darkest color (Wrought Iron): it will fade heavily, and get really hot and peel, which is exactly what the current skirting color is doing on the south side of the house.

Le SIGH! But he's right. Since we've decided on 2 out of 3 colors, the last one shouldn't be too hard, right?

Our painter suggested mixing the wall color and trim color to maintain the essence of the color, but make it lighter so we won't have maximum fade. In progress, more pics of that to come!

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