May 12, 2014

Housepaint Selection Drama

The test patches of paint throughout the exterior are growing. our first paint sample was a total bust. What looked like a lovely warm gray on the card appeared as mint green on the house. Mint green is exactly the opposite of the color palette we're going for.

That was a bummer, so we tried a few more colors - this time much richer colors with no green. Those turned out ok - the gray is very nice but might look a little bland on a foggy day. And the trim ("Black bean") is very bold, but a little too brown.

We are on the third batch of test colors/trips to the paint store. I don't even know - they are starting to blend together. I like them all the same. I've done lots of Pinterest research, but unless they list exact color codes and brands, it's all the more confusing. We'll keep at it!


  1. Connie suggest maybe painting each board a different color. Might look kinda neat.

  2. Yes it would! And you could tell everyone you live next to the rainbow-striped house

  3. Might as well go all-out then: