March 9, 2016

Goodbye to the Manor

This has been a tough decision for us. After months of considering it (years, really) we have decided to leave Humboldt. There have been many factors to our decision, but we're confident we're doing the right thing and very excited about our next chapter in Portland, Oregon.

One of the toughest factors and reasons we have stayed (perhaps longer than we should have), is Strubgrass Manor. We have made a great life here and associate being grown-ups and being happy in this house. We got married in the backyard, enjoyed daily romps & games of fetch with Mattie, and enjoyed countless amazing meals in the kitchen.

We have carefully planned and taken pleasure in updating and planning many details. From the architectural Master Plan, to installing the patio, to the satisfying demo & remodel of the kitchen, living here has been a wonderful experience and most of all, a really wonderful place to be for many years. Between watching youtube videos on how to install kitchen tile, to Laura's surprise skill at replacing lighting fixtures and electrical work, we have learned so much about what are priorities when fixing up a home. We also learned when to do it yourself and when to hire someone - and when to hold your horses on spending the big money to make major changes.

We love the street, our neighbors, every plant on the lot (which we planted! except for the Rhododendron out front, every growing thing on the lot is from our time here), and leaving is bittersweet.

We have accepted an offer from a local family that is very excited about the house and the community. We know that they will be as happy here as we have been.

We plan to buy a house in Portland as soon as we close out the Manor. Standby for a new blog about Strubgrass Lodge

August 18, 2015

An inexpensive upgrade: A new toilet seat!

You wouldn't think it would be that much of a change, but life has improved significantly with the installation of this new, soft-close toilet seat. Before the update, we lived like barbarians with a slamming toilet lid. I don't know how we put up with it for so long: the careful closing of the lid, the unnerving slamming of the lid! Awoken from a peaceful slumber by your partner groggily slamming the lid shut! We lived like ANIMALS!

I read somewhere that you're supposed to replace the toilet lid every couple years. That seems a little often and wasteful, but every few years or so makes sense. It's like a new toilet, one that doesn't smack closed. Pure luxury for only $16!!