May 2, 2012

Eerie Google pre-Strubgrass Streetview

I grabbed this photo from Google Maps Streetview when I heard that Google was back in town creepily snapping photographs of everyone's house. Which I think is really cool and I love using Google maps - but still, it's a little stalky.

Anyway, the above was taken right before we bought the house in 2007 (you can even see the For Sale sign! The house looks cute, if bare. It had just been painted (but they missed a few major spots you can't see in this photo!) Other than the Monster Rhodie and grass (which must have been spraypainted with green foodcoloring, because we never got it that green ever again!), it looks a little sparse and lonely. Little did this little house know that some D.I.N.K.y gays were about to get ahold of it.

Here's what it's looking like today - roughly 100 boxwood hedges later! Of course it helps the before and after contrast that the Google streetview photo is from a gray day with not -great color resolution.