August 18, 2015

An inexpensive upgrade: A new toilet seat!

You wouldn't think it would be that much of a change, but life has improved significantly with the installation of this new, soft-close toilet seat. Before the update, we lived like barbarians with a slamming toilet lid. I don't know how we put up with it for so long: the careful closing of the lid, the unnerving slamming of the lid! Awoken from a peaceful slumber by your partner groggily slamming the lid shut! We lived like ANIMALS!

I read somewhere that you're supposed to replace the toilet lid every couple years. That seems a little often and wasteful, but every few years or so makes sense. It's like a new toilet, one that doesn't smack closed. Pure luxury for only $16!!


  1. Because I have a stupid fancy skirted toilet, I had to get the stupid $60 soft close lid for it. I love the soft close option but now I want to replace it with a soft close walnut seat and how can I justify spending over $100 for a toilet seat! Unfortunately the plastic on the original seat has a bunch of tiny bubbles? in a few spots but I don't know what they could be from. I don't use the caustic blue toilet cleaner, is it really my granola cedar scented cleaner destroying the plastic seat?