November 19, 2012

Making the Manor a little less "Open Air"

On the porch side of the house is a historical period window, most likely original to the 1906 build. Although quaint and rustic, it's drafty as sh*t. I'm not in a hurry to replace it, because someday that whole wall and the windows on it are going to be deomolished during the Porch Extension project. We're at least a couple years out from that, though - and in the meantime, the window needs a little help.

A couple years ago we did the shrinkwrap interior plastic cover. The window's too big for that to really work, and within a couple weeks we had a busted plastic wrapper taped to the inside of the window (classy!).

So after looking around online and locally, we settled on a slightly more robust version of the shrinkwrap - a $60 "storm window" from Pierson's. It has a nice metal frame and fits perfectly.. but it's still basically thick plastic. We installed it and caulked it thoroughly.

We're having the first of many winter storms roll in tonight - we'll see how it does!


  1. Did the plastic tear apart in the wind? I don't see it there anymore.

  2. It's still there, it's held up fine in the wind. That being said, I don't know how much good it's doing - it's still pretty drafty in here

  3. I looked again this morning. Maybe I can still see it. Doesn't stand out as much as it used to, though.

  4. It might have a layer of grime on it from all the storms!