September 24, 2012


3 weeks ago it finally happened. Our tenuous peace with the nocturnal skunky inhabitant(s) of the backyard was broken. At about 11 pm on a Monday night, lil miss (the canine, not Mrs. Strubgrass) came in from her final yard patrol of the day spitting green foam and STINKING to high heaven.

We put her in the tub and washed her a few times, opened every window in the house, and tried to ignore the smell until we could go to Rite-Aid in the morning to get the baking soda/hydrogen peroxide/dish soap mix suggested by multiple internet sources. We were blessed(?) with a balmy, windless night, one in which the smell of skunk hung heavy about the Manor. (for about 3 weeks, as a matter of fact)

This looks like skunky's front door. We'll see how this goes when we begin the Shed to Home Office conversion next year.

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