January 2, 2012

(Fine?) Art

In addition to working on Strubgrass Manor home renovation projects, I've been doing some painting. (This one made a convenient Christmas present for my mom!):

This is blog-worthy because the photo is of some flowers from our neighbors that I blogged about back in June:


  1. Wow! I had no idea you could paint.

    Hey, do you two want to enter a drawing for a free stay in Hawaii? If so, e-mail me and I'll send you the details.

    Oh, and I think I saw you taking down those obnoxious Christmas lights yesterday. Thanx. The neighborhood seems nicer already.

  2. BTW; Your front porch light must be out? The house looks pretty dark and creepy when you're not home at night and the porch light is out.

  3. You're right, it's out and we've been too lazy to change it! Thought you'd be pleased that not only are the Christmas lights down, but also the porch light has burnt out - peace in the neighborhood, at last!

  4. Keep in mind I don't know that I have a problem with porchlighters. It just seems an odd phenomenon.

  5. It is - some people feel safer with it and some don't, not exactly sure why. but I googled it and found more interesting discussion, and a cool site: