October 7, 2011

Shut the front door, really!

The new front door and transom have been installed, and we're looking forward to a winter full of no rolled up blanket under the front door to keep out the wind. The guys did a great job replacing all the old casing and installing the new frame and door. Of course, it took us forever to do the finishing touch - painting the trim to match the rest of the house, but we're all done now. So nice to have a little more light coming through the hallway, plus - zero draft (from the front door, anyway!). 

Plus, the peephole works (it didn't on the old door), which is going to save me a lot of grief when the Mormons come a knockin'.

The patchy spot to the upper right of the door is where the porch light used to be, until we moved it down where it actually shed light onto the front yard. Someday, we'll paint the whole house and cover up that spot, in a color other than pink.