August 26, 2011

Skunk Back-to-School Party Hangover

A little nature in the city

There's a skunk who lives in the backyard/alley vicinity. There are also a few kitties and birds who pass through. So far, we have all lived in harmony and give each other plenty of space and respect. In general, Skunkie only comes out at night, so we watch out for him then. Once I was taking out the trash late at night and found him bumbling along by the Quince tree. He was cute and looked half-blind. I left him the hell alone.

Early this afternoon, the pup and I were doing one of our daily patrols and found something interesting (and disgusting). It was a pile of whole and half chewed worms, grubs, and berries, surrounded in something biley and jelly-like. If you think that sounds gross, just be glad I'm sparing you a photograph. Mattie was so entranced by the discovery, she tried to roll in it and got yelled at.

We found a few more piles of half-worm grossness that led to the big pile. Skunkie must have over-partied on grubs and worms last night and was feeling a little hungover this morning.

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