July 6, 2010

Foundation planting

In April of this year, we ripped out some of the lawn bordering the front porch and put in some foundation plantings. The idea was to reduce the amount of lawn (it now takes 10 seconds less to mow the frontyard!) and to create an organic buffer to the tall Victorian foundation skirting.

Ripping out the grass by hand (with a maddock) was a challenge.. let's just say it was a good workout and I got to skip the gym for a couple days afterwards. We planted Mexican feather grass, California poppies, Rockrose, Heather, and some dogwood.

Before/during (including canine supervision):



  1. I guess I'll leave the overgrown mess along the Trinity Street side of our house as it is. The contrast will make your place look better.

  2. Ok. Don't forget to post the pictures of that mess you put in your front yard a week or two ago. YUCK! There goes the neighborhood!

  3. Ok. It's been over a month since a post was made here. Time to roll up this blog and shut 'er down. No use cluttering up cyberspace with a dead blog.

  4. Always bustin' my chops! well, Fred, I got a new post cookin' up for ya.. and it involves the horse manure that we put in, hopefully the smell hasn't been bothering you too much..