March 1, 2010

Kitchen Before & After: the Final Chapter

Finally - some completed "After" photos. Here's what we did:
- New countertop
- New tile backsplash
- New hardware on cabinets
- New sink & faucet
- Painted walls & cabinets
- New range
- Added Multi-pure water filter
- New electrical outlets (no more 2/3 cut off outlets! I can now sleep at night!)


  1. Hey Julie,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment at Welcome to Heardmont. Your kitchen is beautiful! You guys did a GREAT job - I just love the colors and finishes you chose!
    We'd love to do a countertop/backsplash/flooring upgrade to ours, but there are lots of things on the to-do list before we get to the kitchen, sadly. Home renos are never-ending, aren't they?!
    Have a great one,

  2. Meredith - thanks for the comment! The kitchen was top priority for us - mainly because we didn't want to wait too long to rip out the moldy areas. But the good news was that since we did most of the work ourselves, we kept the whole project under $5k.

    It's true - the projects never end, but I love it. Good luck with yours as well!