February 11, 2010

Kitchen Before & After: Part 1

When we moved in the kitchen was a charming yellow, which over time became a sordid, dingy yellow. Whoever installed the tile countertops did a pretty half-assed job. There were gaps where food and water could get in, leaving areas of frightening slime mold that I tried not to look directly in the eye. The tile itself had a "granite effect" in which the manufacturer stamped faux granite-like ribbons which mismatched to create a dizzying optical illusion.

Interestingly, the tile installer before us had brought up a partial backsplash which cut into the region where the electrical switchplates should be. Instead of cutting the tile to go around the electrical outlets, he cut the bottom third off the switchplates. I'm not sure how this passed inspection - I guess there was nothing really wrong with this. You be the judge.


  1. I'll enjoy watching your progress and can't wait to get at our (badly remodeled) kitchen but, for now, it's the front entry. We have some very cool, and very odd, houses in Eureka, don't we? Mine was painted pink ... completely ...inside.


  2. Yes our exterior is pink, too! It's not my favorite color, but I've embraced it. Trying to focus on one project at a time - and painting is a few years down the line!